Friday, October 16, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #41


Nothing much to report on our day-to-day lives. This week was a relaxed one with only our usual routines and extracurricular activities. My parents adopted a kitten named Freddie, which the children finally got to meet this evening. They were excited, but now George is not happy with the cat because it "sworded him with its claws". His words, not mine.

Liam colored his first picture this week (took no interest in it until now). He had fun scribbling at his own little table while big brother and sister colored at the homeschool table. The coloring stopped once he realized he could eat the crayons. Once that took over, I snapped a couple of pictures of him and his masterpiece before putting his crayons away and giving him his snack cup.

Liam and his first official masterpiece. Notice the red crayon on his bottom teeth.




We had shelved Bridget's reading lesson book for a few weeks, due to her becoming too frustrated to deal with. We hadn't stopped reading in general, but just the formal lessons from the book. This week, however, she brought it out and wanted to do it. We sat together on the couch (where we do our reading) after lunch once Liam was asleep in his crib and worked on a couple of lessons. She still got very frustrated (which aggravates me because it is usually accompanied by an attitude) but she said she still wants to do it. I'm glad she's getting more serious about learning to read.



We finished up our study of cats. I had made some notebooking pages with photos from around the web of the animals we are studying. For each animal, she tells me one thing she found most interesting about that animal, and I'll write it on the board for her or on another piece of paper and she copies it onto her notebooking page. It also includes a place to put their diet and the habitat they are typically found in. Then she gets to glue a matching picture of the animal onto her habitats board (George helps with this). Last week we studied lions and cheetahs. This week, we finished up our study of cats by learning about tigers, leopards, panthers, jaguars, mountain lions, American bobcats, and European wildcats. I was able to find a few books at the library in the children's fiction section about tigers and mountain lions. I was so disappointed that I could not find a book about cheetahs. We read about them on our non-fiction books but I was hoping for a cute 'storybook' about them. Cheetahs seem to be her current favorite of all the wild cats. She still enjoyed the other books very much (story time seems to be George's favorite part of science anyway). Next week we're learning about elephants, rhinos, and hippos!
Bridget and her big cats notebook pages and habitat board

A Few Books We've Read...

Tiger's Story by Harriet Blackford
Mother to Tigers by George Ella Lyon
Little Lions by Jim Arnosky (about mountain lions)

Family Movie Night

No movie this week, as we had some other things to get done to prepare for our daytrip to visit the grandparents tomorrow.
Next Week's Movie: TBD

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  1. Red crayon is also one of Clark's favorites to munch on. We haven't done much coloring yet because of this.

    1. I'm just glad they are non-toxic, as he had a bite of each one before I realized what he was up to!


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