Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Restaurant Review: Pita Plate in Morehead City, NC

During a recent trip to Morehead City, NC, I had a bit of a challenge ahead of me. Being so close to the beach (cross a bridge from Morehead City and you are at Atlantic Beach), the majority of independent restaurants are going to be seafood restaurants. (Southerners love their deep-fried seafood and hushpuppies!) Those days are behind me now.
Fortunately, I found this cute Mediterranean restaurant called Pita Plate. It is located at  5167 Highway 70 W in Morehead City, NC in the Belk Plaza. It would be my first experience going to a Mediterranean restaurant so I was unsure of what to order. However, after looking over their menu online, I felt like this place and I were meant to be. Items on their menu were labeled if they were vegan or not (they were also labeled if they were gluten-free). It was a rare find here in the South. I was anxious to try this place out.
After we were seated and our waitress took our order, she brought over a basket of seasoned pita chips. Oh my were they tasty!
Seasoned Pita Chips (complimentary)
Because I was unsure of what the kids would eat (we eat hummus often, but everything else was new to them), I ordered the Pita Plate Sampler from the appetizer menu. It included (from L-R) tabouli, spinach pie, stuffed grape leaves, hummus (with soft pita for dipping), and falafel, all for $10.00. A meal in itself, really. It was almost too pretty to eat.
Pita Plate Sampler
The kids gladly ate the hummus, falafel, and some of the spinach pie. I tried to get them to try the grape leaves, but 5 and 3 year olds are rather stubborn when it comes to eating something green. So I gladly ate them myself. Yum! I also ate the tabouli, as I knew they wouldn't even try it. It was also tasty but very overpowering. I could not finish the serving. I'd certainly try it again, but a much smaller portion.
The kids (ages 3 and 5) enjoying their Middle Eastern lunch.
For my lunch, I ordered the Falafel Entrée (also $10.00). All entrées come with a choice of tabouli, fatoush, Greek salad, Caesar salad, or a green salad. I chose the fatoush salad, because I had never had it before. It is described as a "traditional Lebanese salad, spring mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers, and radish; mixed with lemon juice, Middle Eastern spices, and olive oil). I'm glad I tried it, because it was good too.
Falafel Entrée

My husband (the vegetarian in the family) ordered the Veggie Burger. They had a vegan and a vegetarian option and the only difference was that the vegetarian one came with a choice of Swiss or American cheese. They both cost $8.50 and what sold my husband on getting the vegetarian option rather than vegan is because he felt he was essentially getting a free slice of cheese. That's what I get for being married to an accountant.

The veggie burger looked almost identical to the falafel, except in patty form. He said he was very surprised with how delicious it was. He even kept the lettuce and onion up there, which is a major step for him. Our daughter (5) ate the slice of tomato for him.

Veggie Burger

One thing I love about trying out restaurants that serve ethnic food (other than sampling the food itself) is looking around at all of the decorations. This place did not disappoint. It's almost as if I stepped out of eastern North Carolina and into the Middle East. There was a bench along each wall covered in beautiful throw pillows (the kids grabbed this seating option before I had a chance to sit), and the walls were also decorated with various artwork and items representing the Middle East. This was located on the wall above our table.

"Turkish coffee"

While we do not travel to Morehead City all that often, this place will be on my list to dine at again. There were a couple more vegan items to try out (and many more vegetarian items for those who consume dairy).

If you're going with kids, they do have a kids menu but nothing on it was vegan or vegetarian which is why we opted for the Pita Plate Sampler.

This review is from a visit made on April 18, 2015. All prices are what they were at the time of our visit.

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