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Restaurant Review: Food For Thought in Williamsburg, VA

While on a trip to Williamsburg, VA, we found this excellent restaurant. It is called Food For Thought and they have a number of vegan items on their menu, and quite a few vegetarian ones as well. I called ahead to see what the wait time usually is for dinner. It was a Thursday night and I was told the wait is no more than 30 minutes on week nights but that she'd put me down on their "priority seating" list. It's not a reservation, but it does let them know what tables need to be set aside for what times. We got there and only waited about 5 minutes before they had a table ready.
Our waitress promptly arrived at our table and introduced herself and we let her know that we're vegan (and that my husband is vegetarian). She was very well-informed about plant-based diets and even let us know that most of their salad dressings contain honey (she knew that some vegans eat honey, some don't---we don't, so this was good to know).
Normally, they bring complimentary rolls and butter to the table. However, she put in an order of flatbread and bruschetta. She also brought over some vegan margarine in case we wanted that too (I was impressed that they even carried it!) My husband was at first disappointed because the rolls at the other tables looked really good, but once he began dipping the flatbread into the tomatoes, he was also impressed. The kids were ready to fight over their shared plate of bruschetta and flatbread and Liam (my almost 1-year-old) morphed into a tomato-eating machine. 
Bruschetta and Flatbread

Next up was the main course. I ordered The ULTIMATE Vegetarian. The description said ,"Enjoy half a roasted spaghetti squash tossed with sun-dried tomato pesto sauce or vegan basil pesto and topped with bruschetta tomatoes and pine nuts. Served on a bed of our jasmine mushroom rice." How could I not order it? I had never tried spaghetti squash (although I had heard good things), and I had also never tried a vegan basil pesto (pesto typically includes cheese, for those unaware of why I don't eat pesto). This was perfect!
I had already started eating it when I remembered I needed to take a picture (if I don't take a picture, I will only remember that it was delicious but will not remember the details).
The ULTIMATE Vegetarian

On the Kids Menu, they had a couple of vegan/vegetarian options. The kids shared the Chicken Strips and sweet potato fries. Don't be alarmed, it was vegan! They do serve actual chicken strips, but for vegan/vegetarian kids, they substitute the chicken with Gardein Chik'n. Same flavor, same texture, but no bones, skin, or cholesterol. Their batter was great (you can also get it grilled instead of fried).

Gardein Chicken Strips

My husband, who is not (yet) a vegan ordered the Baked Eggplant Marinara. It is completely vegetarian, but not vegan. The batter includes parmesan cheese and the eggplant was also topped with mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and pesto (not sure if they used a traditional or vegan pesto for this). My husband said it was delicious.

Baked Eggplant Marinara

I could not get over how filling and tasty the food was. After our meal, or server let us know that they do offer a vegan (and gluten-free) chocolate cherry brownie if we were interested. I would have taken her up on that if I wasn't so stuffed from dinner!

There were quite a few other dinner menu items that were vegan (or easily made vegan). As an appetizer, they offered a roasted red pepper hummus appetizer that comes with fresh raw veggies and toasted flatbread. For dinner, they offered Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Cilantro Lime Chicken (both of which could be made with the vegan chicken). Also on the menu was their version of Pad Thai, made vegan by substituting with the vegan chicken or tofu. The kids menu offered a veggie burger or a grilled portabella and zucchini served on their jasmine mushroom rice.

They also have a breakfast menu and lunch menu. For breakfast, they have a tofu scramble and at lunch they offer a quinoa lentil burger.

The next time we are in Williamsburg, this place is already on the top of our list for dinner. Until then, I'll have to experiment at home with spaghetti squash (now that I know I like it) and see what I can come up with!

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