Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Liam is ONE!

Our sweet Liam celebrated his FIRST birthday today! Gosh, has it really been a year?
Liam is a great addition to our family. The kids fell in love with him the moment he was born. He's a great eater and is becoming a good sleeper. He took his longest nap in his crib today (3 whole hours!). Soon he'll begin transitioning to his crib for night time sleep (we co-sleep and it's been the best thing for all of us).
Here are some little tidbits of Liam on his first birthday:
  • He has 6 teeth (four on the top, two on the bottom).
  • He has the longest hair of all our children at this age.
  • He is our first red head (just like his daddy).
  • He still has big blue eyes.
  • He loves to snuggle on blankets left on the floor.
  • He loves playing with George's trucks (and makes sounds to go long with them).
  • With two older siblings, he knows how to hold his own.
  • He has a quiet disposition.
  • He's a very shy flirt. He'll grin at you for a second before he tries to hide his sweet smile in momma's shoulder.
  • He eats everything. There is so far not a food this boy has tried and did not like.
  • He's still not walking, but he is an expert speed crawler.
  • If he's about to throw a tantrum, he'll wait to see if you're watching before he begins.
  • He says "mama" and "bye-bye" (sounds more like "ba-ba") while he waves.
  • He loves to sit on daddy's shoulders.
  • His favorite time to play with the toys is after his older siblings have gone to bed.
We had an enjoyable day and took way too many pictures. Here are some of the highlights:
Cake!!! With all three children, I have waited until their first birthday to give them any sort of cake, cookies, ice cream, donuts, etc. Their diet before turning one consists only of sugars found naturally in fruits and whatever meal recipes I've made that call for a bit of sugar or agave. It makes their first birthday that much more special and memorable.
I've always done a little bear for the "smash cake". It's a tradition for our kids on their first birthday.

The kids were so excited for Liam to have his first taste of frosting. George had to take a sample for himself.

Liam has the funniest expressions! Glad I was able to capture this one:

He really did enjoy his cake. Most of the time, he was too occupied with eating but every now and then (with a bit of coaxing), we were able to get him to look at us and smile.

The damage:

He didn't make too big of a mess on himself but we gave him a bath afterwards anyway. After he was washed up, it was time to open presents. We requested practical gifts for his first birthday (since he plays with all of Bridget and George's old toys anyway) so he got lot's of diapers from both sets of grandparents, and some sippy cups from us.

After the party was over and the grandparents left, I tried to get some pictures of all three kids together. As most parents know, this is no easy task. George was holding Liam who was happy at first, then quickly got fussy. With all the chaos, I captured this one of Bridget. I think she knew this idea of mine was not really going to happen.

After about 30 clicks of the camera, I got this one of almost all the kids smiling and looking at the camera (sort of). No one was crying, so I consider that "mission accomplished".

Happy Birthday, Liam!!

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