Friday, June 26, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #24 and #25


We have been doing a lot of school work. Having a week off was nice and both Bridget and I felt refreshed and ready to get back into it. We were also able to make a trip to the library last week.

We were supposed to be going on an overnight field trip this week but it got postponed due to the intense heat wave we're experiencing (who wants to be outside when it is 100 degrees?!?) and also the possibility of tropical depression Bill turning into something more. We've been playing inside a lot because I don't like being outside when it's that hot. The kids have gone out to play for very short periods of time. After a few minutes, they're red-faced and pounding at the door wanting to come back inside. They immediately run for their water bottles.

In other news, I had seen on Facebook that a family from church who had moved away a couple of years ago was dealing with a very serious health crisis. Their 11-month-old daughter nearly drowned (she was found face down in the pool after about 5 minutes of frantically searching for her) and her father had to perform CPR on his baby for 15-20 minutes before finally getting a heartbeat, and she was rushed to the hospital. After hearing this news, I don't think I have prayed so hard in a long time. Our family has been very fortunate in not having anything major happen since George's heart surgery almost 2 years ago, so I haven't had a need to beg Heavenly Father for something. But I certainly did this week. In fact, thousands have. The little girl has survived and is still recovering, and it appears she may not have any permanent damage (tests are still being done but things are looking good so far). There is really no other way to explain what has happened without calling it a miracle.

Normally, I wouldn't blog about things like this, especially when it has nothing to do with my family, but I feel that my testimony of prayer and of God's love for his children (especially the smallest ones) has grown immensely just by watching what this family has gone through. I may never see this family again and may never meet their baby girl, but their story has certainly impacted my faith in a positive way. Perhaps having an 11-month-old of my own made it hit closer to home than it otherwise would have. I've definitely been hugging my little ones more often this week. Children are special, amazing, and strong little beings.





I've had Bridget do a lot of writing practice this week. She normally writes well (for a 5-year-old), but I noticed her penmanship looking a little lazy. So I sat with her and watched as she wrote every letter and made sure she was holding her pen correctly. Now she's back on track. Then I noticed she was writing all of her numbers backwards again. She knows how they're supposed to be but again had gotten lazy with it, so we worked on that again. Practice, practice, practice. Some days she doesn't mind, other days she complains.



We experimented with dilution using Kool-aid. It was very simple and fun. I love it when George gets to participate and learn something right along with his big sister.



We learned about Benjamin Franklin. Bridget was fascinated by all he did in his life, and so was I! I was familiar with his role in history, but I hadn't really studied him until now. Reading the picture-book biographies of him was just as much fun for me as it was for Bridget. I think I may have another favorite historical figure to add to my list.

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