Saturday, June 13, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #23


I'm a day late on our weekly review due to a fun field trip we went on yesterday. More details about that later. Edit: The post is now up for our field trip to Roanoke Island to see the location of The Lost Colony and the birthplace of Virginia Dare! You can find it here!

We've had a very busy couple of weeks at swimming lessons. Thursday was the last day for the kids. You can read more about how that went by reading this post.

We also made some incredible sushi earlier in the week. Bridget is really getting serious about helping me in the kitchen lately and she even helped to roll it up (when she wasn't too busy eating the mushrooms and avocado). The recipe for this delicious avocado-shiitake sushi can be found here.

Liam's third tooth (first one on the top) has come through. It hasn't put him in too much of a bad mood. He's also been grinding it up against his bottom teeth. His other top tooth will soon be making an appearance, and I'm thinking a third one up top is getting very close.


Because the kids swimming lessons were in the middle of our day, I called it quits on schoolwork for the week. It has been a nice vacation. I've been able to do some lesson planning and preparation for the coming week.

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  1. My girls and I love sushi! We have never tried to make it ourselves though :) Have a blessed week!


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