Friday, June 5, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #21 and #22


Life is good. We spent last week in Myrtle Beach and we all had a great time. I did not get even one picture of all three kids together. At this age, it's almost impossible. I made a separate post about our vacation, and you can read more about it here.

We got home on Sunday and swimming lessons started the very next day. Those are every day for two weeks. This is Bridget's third year and George's first. It's a great swim school, even though it's located on the other side of town. I would not be driving that far every day if I didn't like it.
While I take the kids to swimming lessons, my dad comes over to watch Liam. Most days, I've come home to find my dad laying on the couch with a sleeping Liam. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of their snuggle time. Babies grow way too fast and soon Liam won't want to snuggle with anybody (although, George at three years old is still very snuggly).
Gymnastics also started up again this week. The kids are no longer in the same class, and we're also meeting in the afternoon instead of in the morning. The time change will take some getting used to.




We've been reading about the Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare. Bridget loves babies and so Virginia Dare has become her favorite historical figure at the moment, even though we know so little about her. We went to the library before our trip to pick up some books about the colony. Our plan was to read them on our trip during our down time, but we didn't have much of that. Instead, we began reading the books when we got back. For our next field trip, we'll be heading to Roanoke Island.

A Few Books We're Reading...


For School...



For Fun...

The Dirty Cowboy (George loves this one!)
How Many Kisses Do You Want Tonight? (We've read this one a lot, too!)

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  1. Your vacation sounds lovely. You are so right about how quickly they grow up. Last night was my 17th wedding anniversary and my husband asked what I thought the next 5 years would bring. He loves to play wondering games like that. It took my breath away to realize my baby would be 16! Cherish the moments.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Well, Happy Anniversary! That is quite the accomplishment to make it 17 years together. We'll be celebrating our 10th this August. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a lovely week! You are so lucky to have a sandy beach nearby- beaches are my most favourite places to go.

    1. It still takes a couple of hours for us to get to the beach, but it's well worth the drive. We love it!

  3. We love Myrtle Beach, too :) Where do your kids go for swim lessons? We need to start Thomas sometime this summer or next, for sure.

    1. They take lessons at Raynez. Bridget has been going there for 3 years now and we have no complaints. They get booked up pretty quick but I overheard today that there are still a couple of openings in late July and early August for the 3-4 year old class.


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