Sunday, June 14, 2015

Our Field Trip to Roanoke Island

On Friday we went on a field trip to Roanoke Island to learn more about The Lost Colony and to visit the birthplace of Americas first English child, Virginia Dare. I am glad we live so close (about a 2 hour drive) to this historic site. Bridget did not know what to expect. She knew that the houses were gone even by the time John White returned from England. My hope was for her to be able to at least visualize how the island might have appeared to the settlers coming over from England.
At the beginning of the path, we found this monument. Bridget was excited that it had Virginia Dare's name on it.
Bridget pointing to the name "Virginia Dare".

A little further down to path, we came to Fort Raleigh, which was a reconstructed earthen fort.

Fort Raleigh

We kept going on the nature trail and stopped off at this spot to get a better idea of how it might have looked from the shoreline back in 1587.

All along the nature trail there were signs telling us about how the Algonquians lived, how the settlers lived, and about the local trees and plants they may have used. This sign tells us how the settlers were saved by sassafras.

"Saved By Sassafras"

After the educational part of our field trip was over, we headed to the beach at Nags Head! It was a beautiful day (as you can see by that sky) and the kids enjoyed their time playing in the sand and in the water. Liam even enjoyed himself this time. On our last beach trip, he was miserable. This time was different. He played with the sand rake and attempted many times to crawl towards the water. We had three very happy children at the beach. What more could I ask for?

When we left the beach, we stopped at 7-Eleven to get some slurpees. It was a hot day and we were really looking forward to our treat for the drive home. Not only did the kids have a wonderful time, but my husband and I also felt like the trip was a success. We had four hours of grown-up conversation on the drive to and from the Outer Banks while the kids snacked, colored, read books and slept in the back of the van. We're already looking forward to our next field trip---an overnighter!


  1. Have you guys ever tried seeing the play for The Lost Colony? Not sure about attention spans for it, but Bridget might enjoy at least some of it. (It does take place in the evening though.)

    1. We really wanted to see it but I think Liam is too young to sit through it without being disruptive. Maybe when the kids are older!


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