Friday, May 22, 2015

Week in Review 2015: #20


We've been busy this week with activities for the kids coming to an end. Bridget had her ballet performance on Saturday. It went very well and she played the part of a little woodland pixie. At her age (5), the dancers don't have huge parts. Bridget was on the stage for about 3 or 4 minutes. She worked hard on her part and was very excited to be on the stage. If interested, you can click here to read more about her performance and see a lot of pictures.

She's sad to be done with ballet until the Fall, but I think I'm going to enjoy our 3 month summer break. On Monday, both Bridget and George had their last gymnastics class for the season. The parents were invited to come into the gym and the kids did their little routines, posed for pictures, and received medals. George was so excited about getting a medal, since Bridget has had one since last year.
The kids have a week off from gymnastics before the summer session starts. They will be in different classes this time. You can click here to see more pictures from gymnastics.
The rest of this week resulted in a lot of boo boo's. The kids were running back and forth through the living room from the foyer and Bridget stumbled, with George falling on her back. Her back was fine, but her mouth was bloody and she skinned her knee. I swooped her up and took her into the kitchen where I rinsed her mouth out trying to figure out there the blood was coming from. Thankfully, her teeth were still firm in place, but they did pay a little visit to her top lip and gave it quite a cut. The sweet girl had a fat upper lip and spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching a movie.

On Thursday, George was playing in his room when all of the sudden he screamed and came running. He had apparently pinched his arm in the closet door (which I had just told him moments before not to play with). Then not even an hour later during lunch, he fell off his chair and hit his head either on the table or the chair. It was only a matter of time before this happened. He is always standing in his chair and getting up and down. He cannot hold still even if his life depended on it. I feel like I spend all of meal time telling him to sit on his bottom.

With all injuries, I got to snuggle them and it seemed to make them feel better (and it made me feel better, too). George especially didn't want me to stop snuggling him. Every time I'd ask him if he was all better, he'd say "almost", then snuggle into my arms further. This middle child is trying to squeeze in all the snuggle time he can get!
On top of George's injuries, his legs have quite a few bug bites from playing in our back yard. We'll have to start putting some sort of bug repellent on him every time he goes outside. For some reason, the bugs don't seem to be biting Bridget.


Most people seem to be winding down for the school year, but we're going to keep going. Because Liam was born in July, things got off to a rough start and we're not fully caught up. A few months ago, I decided that I would continue school through the summer, but on a light schedule. I then decided that every summer we'll continue with reading (because this is most important) and math (because when I was in school, we spent at least the first month reviewing what we learned the previous year).
We will be going on a few field trips this summer. We're studying American history and there are a few key places near where we live that we'll be visiting to give Bridget a better understanding. We also have a science field trip coming up.

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