Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 Week in Review: #11, #12, and #13


It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. We have been enjoying the warm spring days that have finally arrived after a long winter. The kids have spent a lot of time playing outside. Liam feels right at home in the swing. One afternoon, he was in there for an hour, just taking it all in. George gets right to work, doing the things that boys like to do. If he's not pretending to mow the grass, he's finding every stick and rock in the yard and going into battle. He's a wild one who needs to be watched closely.

Easter Sunday was also a very nice day. After a pancake breakfast (made by daddy), they went outside to hunt eggs. After the hunt, the kids remained outside with daddy while I was able to get a few things done inside (a homemakers job is never done).

Later that afternoon, we made an unplanned trip out of town to visit with my husband's parents. The cousins were also there and so there was another egg hunt. We had a good visit and did not get back until well after bed time.

This Easter, with my children getting older, really had me rethinking the whole Easter Bunny thing. I was raised to believe in the Easter Bunny and so was my husband. So naturally, we continued with the tradition. However, I am not seeing any benefit of it. It has already caused confusion for my 5 year old. I know it won't be long now until my second oldest will have the same questions. The answers simply do not make sense. Easter is a sacred time of reflection of Christ's sacrifice and a celebration of eternal life. My children know very well the story of Christ, and how he died on the cross and was later raised from the dead. In fact, it is one of Bridget's favorites. The Easter Bunny does nothing to reinforce that. Needless to say, after speaking with my husband about my concerns, things will be different in the future.

(Side note: I have nothing against bunnies and chicks and all of the other cute animals associated with spring. My only problem is when the bunny is morphed into a being otherwise known as Peter Cottontail, who tends to take the spotlight at Easter time.)



Bridget hit a major milestone this week. She does not like when it is time for her reading practice, but she knows there is no way around it. She's learning, and that is what is important. One evening, she picked up a book she had not read on her own before, opened it, and began reading. Big words, too. She was applying what she learned from our reading lessons and knew what sound the vowels made in various different words. She was amazed at what she had done. Something finally clicked. She actually had no idea that she knew how to sit down and read a story. The following morning, she read the same book to Daddy (he missed it the first time due to work) and later in the day read it to Papa. Normally, I cannot get her to read to anyone, but she proudly ran to get her book and read.


Bridget is doing great! Her fingers are moving rather quick now that they've gotten used to where they need to be. We'll be working on learning how to read notes.


We've been reading a lot of children's books lately, such as Tikki Tikki Tembo, Swimmy, Where the Wild Things Are, to name a few. We'll start back up with a classic novel again maybe next week. Not sure which one yet.


Lentil Loaf
Light & Fluffy Pancakes
Spanish Rice


Final Thoughts

I ordered our curriculum for first grade this week. It arrived yesterday. The kids thought it was Christmas when we were opening the boxes. I had no idea how much fun and how rewarding teaching my children at home would be.

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  1. Oh my I remember when my kiddos were that young. Don't think I could've homeschooled them then though and remain sane, lol! I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. I miss those years, schooling them that young was so much fun and so much easier in many ways! Now I am the one acting like it is Christmas when the curriculum comes, my kids just shake their heads at me :-( Congrats to Bridget, that is just wonderful!!


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