Friday, March 13, 2015

Week in Review: Sibling Love & War


I have to be honest. This week flew by and I am having trouble remembering everything we did. It's been one of those weeks.

Bridget (5) and George (3) have been fighting a lot. More than usual, I think. It got so bad last week that we moved their beds to separate rooms so that they could have their own space to play. The play room is now Bridget's room and George has the big room all to himself for now. Our original plan was to move rooms around once Liam was ready to join George in the boys' room. Plans change when the kids are out for blood. I thought they'd miss the company at night but I was wrong. They're doing great. They are still fighting but at least now I can separate them. The fights are usually over certain toys or over Bridget trying to "mother" George too much.

Although they fight a lot, they are also still affectionate and loving. Yesterday as I was preparing dinner, George decided that he would finally poop on the potty (he's been peeing on the potty for awhile now). When I called them for dinner, I got no response so I went searching. There they were in my bathroom and Bridget was helping George wipe. George was proud of finally pooping on the potty (I hope it continues!), Bridget was proud for helping him, and I was proud of the both of them. We all may have been beaming with pride for awhile. In a good way. To share the moment, I took a picture of George with his accomplishment and sent it to daddy, who was still at work. I'll spare everyone else the image.

Liam (who poops often, in case anyone was wondering) is doing much better this week. His drool rash is almost completely gone and had a visit to the pediatrician yesterday. He also got a vaccine booster while we were there. I only mention this because at 2:30 this morning, he woke up screaming, didn't want to nurse, and felt rather hot. His temperature checked in at 101.5 so I gave him some medicine (in case it had any plans of going higher) and we both went back to sleep. He still has a slight fever today, which I am rather bummed about. Tonight is our church's annual Chili Cook-Off and I really wanted to attend. Mainly just to see my husband (he's working 60 hour weeks right now). He was going to leave work early and meet us there to enjoy some family/church time. However, because I am not a fan of taking my children to activities when they have a fever, we may be staying home. The good news is that I have a pot of chili for dinner. The bad news is that I didn't modify the spices to make it suitable for the children (since I thought I'd be serving adults). But we're back at the good news... an entire pot of chili just for me, and I'll have leftovers to feed my husband and I dinner tomorrow night and possibly Sunday.

I managed to get a few pictures this week of the kids doing their every day thing. Here's George playing with Liam. Liam is fascinated by cars (I now know that boys are just wired this way). He gets a kick out of watching George race the cars, and squeals with excitement. Sometimes George lets him hold a car to slobber on. I enjoy seeing this brotherly love and friendship develop at this young age.

Bridget is trying to be a little mommy  She was so proud to be holding up her little brother. His feet are dangling a couple of inches off the floor but she has a good grip on him.  



Bridget finished up BOB Books Set 1 this week. We also tested to see what grade level she's reading at (only to make sure she's not falling behind). She is currently reading at a 1st grade level, and she knew many (but not enough) of the words to put her reading at a second grade level. We're almost there, but I'm in no rush. She's doing great for her age so we'll just keep on doing what we're doing.

George has decided that he wants to start reading too, so we started on My First BOB Books: Alphabet. We're not doing any scheduled reading lessons for him (although he's usually present during Bridget's lesson), but I'll do the books with him whenever he bring them to me. Some days we don't do them, and other days we spend a lot of time practicing the letters and looking at the pictures.


Last week, the children had an argument a disagreement about which book to read next. Alice in Wonderland won because on the evening we were to start a new book, George fell asleep early.
While reading these stories to Bridget, I cannot help but wish I had never seen the movies. The books are way better and the movies don't stay true to the story (except for The Secret Garden... that movie is still mostly accurate). An even bigger regret is that Bridget has seen most of the movies (Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.) and she is always comparing the book to the movie. At first she tried telling me that the book was wrong. I assured her that this was not the case, and that the people who made the movie had obviously not read the book.

Paglio e Fieno (Straw and Hay Pasta)
Copy-Cat Wendy's Chili with TVP
Baked Macaroni and Cheese


Final Thoughts

Next week I had scheduled for us to have off, but because we are not where I want to be with our lessons, we are having school. With the things that went on this week, we neglected to do a states study. I only hope that next week will be less blah.

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  1. Just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. It seems like getting kids to stop fighting with their siblings is a never ending process. I hope your new sleeping arrangement is working for you.


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