Friday, March 20, 2015

Week in Review: First Lessons


The week started off great, because it was Pi day. We ate pie (who didn't?). Chocolate mousse pie with coconut whipped cream. (You can see the picture below in the food section. Recipe to follow later.)

George had his very first gymnastics lesson. He was very excited but once it was time to go in he got shy. I carried him in there and sat him next to his sister and went back out to the parents area to watch. Once the students got up to go over to the pit for some fun, he went along and never looked back. For a first lesson, he did great. He is the youngest in his class, and it was funny to watch him get used to things. He did his very best to behave and follow instructions, even if he was a bit too excited.

It helped that his big sister is in his class. She'll be with him until the end of May, when she advances to the next level. I cannot believe how big Bridget has gotten. She's probably the oldest in her class now, and the tallest. She is much more confident than she was when she started. She takes great care in doing each position and movement correctly. I am glad that I was able to get a picture of the two of them together. Bridget kept a good eye out for her little brother.

This little guy here, not to be left out of the fun, started crawling this week! I did not get any photos of him crawling because I was too busy making a video for daddy. Daddy may have to work long hours this time of year but with modern technology, he doesn't have to miss out completely on the "firsts". Liam is also eating "puffs" by himself. He has figured out how to grab them with his fingers and stuff them into his mouth.

Now that Liam is crawling, he feels it is no longer good enough. He is now pulling himself up into an almost  standing position up against the side of the couch, and has taken a few tumbles backwards. I am unable to stop him, regardless of how many fun toys I've placed before him. I never remember how exhausting this stage is until I'm doing it again. The toothless smiles make up for it, though.




We began BOB Books Set 2 this week. There are a lot of new words to sound out and she wants to grab Set 1 again just to get her reading done but I told her that she needs the practice and to move on to the next level. I have every bit of confidence that she'll catch on to this set the same she did with the first one.


Bridget had her first "formal lesson" this week. Well, as formal as it can get being taught by her mother. She took it very seriously this time (we attempted the piano a year or so ago and I felt she was not quite ready). So far, we are working on finger placement and getting her fingers used to playing by doing some exercises hitting notes C-G using the correct fingers 1-5. (I have no idea if that sentence makes sense, but that's what we're doing!) We are doing the same with her left hand, but of course in the other direction. The first day was a struggle but she goes to practice on her own each day since. She has picked up speed and does a great job. The notes seem to flow nicely and I think she notices the improvement. Because these exercises were not enough for her, I did teach her to play Twinkle, Twinkle. This needs more work but she studies the keys until she gets it right (all on her own).


We are still reading Alice in Wonderland. This book is taking a lot longer than the others because it is so... unreal. Bridget has a lot of questions and seems to think that every character in the book escaped from the looney bin (they did). As the reader, I am not enjoying the book. It is not my kind of story. I asked Bridget (hoping she'd say yes) if she wanted to stop this book and read another one but she wants to continue. So continue we shall. We are almost done with the first story and then will be starting on "Through the Looking Glass" in the second half of the book. Perhaps when Bridget is older and can read the book on her own, we'd both enjoy it more. George is completely lost with the story so he instead plays quietly while I read. 


Chocolate Mousse Pie
Southern Chickpea Salad
Southern Black-Eyed Peas
with biscuits and collards


Final Thoughts

We're all excited that Spring has arrived. I am so tired of the cold weather. I am not looking forward to the allergies. Some years I am unaffected, and in other years I am down for a week. We'll have to see how this year goes (although since switching to a plant-based diet, they have not been nearly as bad as they used to be).

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  1. I remember reading Alice in Wonderland in school. It completely changed my perception of Alice as a character. (I had only seen the Disney cartoon before reading it.) I also remember it being very difficult to finish because I found Alice to be a bit obnoxious. I admire your patience in making it through this story.


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