Saturday, February 28, 2015

Kid Convos: February 2015

This is more for me, so that I can remember some of the silly things the kids say.

I apologize to anyone who comes across this if the dialogue is a little bit TMI for you.


George: Mommy, I need diaper.
Me: What do you need a diaper for? Do you need to make stinky?
George: Nooooooo. No stinky.
Me: Are you going to go and take a nap?
George: Nooooooo. No nap.
Me: Then no diaper. You need to wear big boy underwear.
George: No, not big boy underwear. I need diaper!
Me: What do you need a diaper for?
George: I wear my diaper and go be so warm with my blankey and watch movie.


Me: Hi, Liam!
Liam: *baby sounds*
George: Mommy, Liam no talk. He need baawees (batteries).

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