Sunday, January 25, 2015

Kids 2014 Photos

Getting photos of the kids is always an adventure. The main reason for the photos was to get Liam in his blessing outfit. Since I already posted those adorable photos here, now it is time for photos of the older two, and then the three babies together.
Bridget is a very shy girl, especially when it's time for pictures. She's trying to smile, but just can't relax enough. She was excited about wearing her new dress and getting her hair done though. George on the other hand, he's not shy about getting his picture taken. His problem is trying to keep still and not play with the props.

Bridget finally began to relax and be comfortable with the photographer. She started dancing and playing. It would have been a great photo except for the fact that her hair is a bit out of place from all the twirling. But I do like the action shot!

George looks so grown up in this photo...

... until he lets out a big dinosaur ROAR!

And finally, all three of these precious children together:

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