Monday, January 26, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas was not everything we had hoped it would be. The kids spent most of December with a runny nose and cough, and poor George got a fever we just couldn't get rid of. Even Liam couldn't avoid getting sick. But we did try to enjoy ourselves as best as we could.
Bridget was the first one to start feeling better, just in time for us to attend The Nutcracker. It was a special mommy-daughter date we had planned. She fell in love with the story and with Clara. During intermission, we went out to the lobby and got her a special Clara ornament.
Christmas came quickly. Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve, and both boys were still sick. We unfortunately did not get to bake any cookies for Santa this year, but we did leave him some oreos to snack on. Christmas morning came and Bridget was ready. George threw a little tantrum first thing before he realized there were toys from Santa in the living room. I blame the tantrum on him not feeling well (he was still running a fever).
This was Liam's first Christmas, so I really took more photos of him. He was excited by the sound of the paper ripping. He did a great job opening his own gift from Santa (more bibs!).

Sadly, George spent the second half of Christmas Day looking and feeling like this:

It feels awful as a parent to see their child feeling so yucky, especially on a holiday. Thankfully, by New Years' he was feeling much better. Our family Christmas picture got postponed until after the New Year, the day before taking down the tree. All three kids were healthy, happy, and smiling. I guess things turned out to be alright after all.

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