Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kid Convos: October 2014

Sugar Plum (age 5) & Charmer (age 2), on the way to church (October 19).
Sugar Plum: Look, [Charmer]! Look at me! Look at what I'm doing!
Charmer: No, I'm fine.
Sugar Plum: Look at me! Look at me!
Charmer: Hmmm mmm [ignoring Sugar Plum and humming].

... a few second later

Charmer: Look! Balloons! (car dealership at corner of red light we were at)
Sugar Plum: NO! I WILL NOT LOOK AT THE BALLOONS! (somebody's holding a grudge!)
Charmer: Balloons! Look [Sugar Plum], look!
Sugar Plum: NO!

... just as the light turns green

Sugar Plum: [Charmer]! Look at all the balloons!


Sugar Plum (age 5) & Daddy, during breakfast (October 24)
Sugar Plum: Daddy, do you know where I lived before I was 1?
Daddy: You always lived here in this house, but Mommy and Daddy lived in a different house before you were born.
Sugar Plum: No, Daddy. I lived in the temple.
Daddy: The temple? Do you mean you lived in heaven?
Sugar Plum: Yes. I lived in heaven for a long time. I had to wait a long, long time for good parents.
Daddy: Did you get good parents?
Sugar Plum: No, not really.

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