Monday, October 6, 2014

Week in Review: Our Oldest Turns 5!

With the exception of some reading, we did nothing in school last week. Why? Because we had some celebrating to do!
Sugar Plum turned 5!
Our celebration started on Sunday. Both sets of grandparents joined us at church to watch Sugar Plum in her annual Primary Program, where all children ages 3-11 at our church sing the songs they've learned throughout the year and tell us about the gospel principles they've been studying. Although she was very nervous, she did very well on her part and also did a great job singing. We were all so proud.
After the primary program, we came home for dinner, cake, and presents. Sugar Plum stayed dolled up in her church dress, but the Charmer stripped down to his underwear so I won't be posting any pictures of him from this day. Little Man was also here, of course, but spent a lot of time snuggling with grandparents.
Sugar Plum requested Shepherd's Pie for her birthday dinner and the day before finally told me she wanted a Frozen cake. I did what I could on such short notice but she was still very pleased.
Sugar Plum loves her new toys and has been playing with them all since. I think she's forgotten about any other toys she owns.

On Monday we don't have homeschool anyway due to a mid-day gymnastics lessons. On Tuesday was Sugar Plums actual birthday so daddy took of work and we spent the entire day together. We went to a park in the morning and watched a movie in the afternoon before her ballet lesson. We didn't have another cake or any more presents but she did have two birthday meals... lunch at Taco Bell and take-out Chinese tofu and rice for dinner.

Since we cancelled school for the week to give her time to celebrate and play with her new toys (and for mommy to relax after a busy weekend), I'll be making it up during the week I had scheduled our Fall break. Another reason why I love homeschooling... I can take off whenever I'd like and we can make it up later! The only downside about it is although Sugar Plum was having fun playing with her new toys, she kept asking me when we were going to have school. She still loves it, so I'm glad.

We still cannot believe she is already 5 years old. I can still remember when she was still the size of Little Man. I think I'll always miss holding them as tiny babies. She's too big for me now to pick up and carry so the only time Sugar Plum really snuggles with me now is during our bedtime story. I look forward to seeing how much she changes now until her next birthday. She's so full of surprises!

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