Saturday, August 23, 2014

Little Man is One Month!

Our sweet baby boy turned one month old yesterday. I cannot believe he's been here for that long!

As his personality is still developing, he'll just be going by the nickname "Little Man" for now.

Some facts about Little Man:

--He eats well.
--He rarely spits up and has never had to wear a bib.
--He sleeps almost through the night, waking just once or twice to feed.
--He's very mellow.
--He naps better when the older kids are being noisy and won't nap if they're quiet or gone.
--He has the deepest and darkest blue eyes ever.
--We still don't know if his hair is blonde or red.
--He hates car rides.
--He loves his swing and the music it plays. When the music stops, he makes a small fuss until I restart it, then he's happy again.

Little Man had one major milestone this month: his first bath! It went well. He enjoyed most of it. We put the tub on the floor in the bathroom so that the older kids could watch and help bathe their baby brother.
The older kids also think Little Man is the cutest thing ever! They love him so very much, and we all love having him in our family.

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