Monday, April 7, 2014

Feeling Renewed

One of my favorite things about General Conference is waking up the next morning feeling spiritually renewed and energized. It gave me a lot of things to think about and the motivation to improve in the areas I'm lacking.

It was so much fun preparing for and watching conference with the kids. Sugar Plum is finally getting into it and has already been asking me this morning when we will get to watch General Conference again. I had to tell the poor thing that it won’t be until after her birthday when General Conference will come on again.

Saturday’s first session of conference began at 12, and so we did a picnic lunch. It was just the kids and I since daddy had to work. I honestly didn’t know how much of conference I’d be able to watch but the kids were so well-behaved that I was able to hear every talk! Sugar Plum's favorite part of conference was the music. She later informed me that when she grows up, she’s going to sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Then she changed her mind and said she wants to be the conductor instead. It’s good to have goals, I suppose.
Our "picnic" lunch.
The kids enjoying the music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Can't expect a 4-year-old to pay attention the entire time!
She's quietly playing with little brother's dinosaurs.

I got some good snuggles in with both of my kiddos. Those are always nice. Here’s the little guy snuggling with me and his baby brother.

Since the picnic idea went so well for lunch, I decided to do it again for dinner. We watched the second session (this time with daddy) on an almost 2 hour delay so that we could eat our dinner and watch at the same time.

When the second session ended, it was time to put the kids to bed. Then Hubby watched the priesthood session while I did some family history work on the computer. I was able to hear it and I especially loved President Uchtdorf’s talk. I think next time I’ll have to just watch the Priesthood session with Hubby, as some of my favorite talks came from that session.

We did the same thing on Sunday and it was just as enjoyable as it was on Saturday. The only different was that Hubby was home all day (and it was the first day in months that he did not have to leave the house for anything… he stayed in his pajamas all day!).

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