Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Charmer turns TWO!

The Charmer had quite a birthday! Two nights before his birthday, he got sick. We still don't know how, because no one else got sick. I'm guessing he must have found an old cheerio or something on the floor and ate it. It's hard to have a spotless home with two young kids running around. Anyway, he threw up 3 times that night. This is the first time he has ever gotten sick and thrown up (with the exception of being in the hospital and trying to eat while doped up on morphine). The next day he had a fever and didn't want to eat. So we figured he'd be sick on his birthday. But, when he woke up on his birthday he felt fine! Fever was gone and Mother Nature had delivered a magnificent gift to the birthday boy. Here he is, so very excited about the snow:

My dad came over and we took the kids on a walk in the snow. It was fun. We had to be very careful because underneath the 4 inches of snow was about a 1-inch layer of ice. But it was so quiet and peaceful on our walk and we all loved it. We must have been outside for over an hour, just taking it all in. It's not every winter that eastern North Carolina gets a good snow. Finally, Sugar Plum and the grownups got a bit too cold and decided it was time to head back inside. Bear must have screamed for 20 minutes because he so badly wanted to play longer in the snow.

After lunch and putting Charmer down for his nap, I got to work on his birthday cake. I didn't think I would be making one on his birthday since he had been sick. So I had to get to work. It didn't turn out so good and collapsed in the middle and one of the layers was not cooked so I had to put it back in the oven, and so the outer part of that layer got hard. It was a mess, and I was completely puzzled because I had made this exact cake for Sugar Plum on her birthday and it turned out perfectly. My dad said it must be because of the extreme cold outside and pressure change, etc. I'll accept that. For Charmer's birthday dinner, I made his favorites: French fries and Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders. And of course, ketchup. That was his real treat.
Then it was time for cake! He was so excited and loved us singing to him. Then at the end, he joined in. He was especially cute when blowing out his candles, one by one. The babies both enjoyed the cake, and didn't even realized mommy had messed it up. I suppose if you put enough chocolate frosting on something, it really doesn't matter what it tastes or looks like.


The next day, Granny and Papa came over to give Charmer his gift. (You'll have to excuse his lack of clothes. He was protesting putting anything on but his socks, even though it was still freezing cold outside.) They got him an airplane (he loves airplanes!) that he can take apart and put back together with a handy-dandy toy screw gun. He's always trying to 'help' Papa and Daddy when they're building something, so this was a great gift for him. His favorite part is, of course, the screw gun.

After all of the snow had melted off the roads, Grandma and Granddaddy drove up from New Bern to take us out to lunch and give him his gift. He got a kid-sized basketball goal! He caught on very quick, and so did Sugar Plum (she likes to sample all of his new toys and make sure they're in good working order for her little brother).

Afterwards, we gave Charmer our gift. It didn't get here until the day after his birthday because of the snow, and Hubby has been working late and didn't get home in time to give it to him yesterday. We got him a toy fire truck, a fire truck book, and a fireman hat. He is now well equipped for imaginative play. Here is our little fireman:
While his birthday had to be spread out over a few days, I think he still really enjoyed it (and probably didn't even notice the delays).
We are so grateful for this little boy and are hoping for no hospital visits, surgeries, and illness this year! He's already been through so much. I could use a boring year.
Happy Birthday, my sweet Charmer!

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