Wednesday, January 22, 2014

George's Surgery: Day 3

George’s night started off well. He slept from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., and so did I. It felt so nice to sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. When he woke up at 1, he was thirsty again and the nurse felt he was ready to have something other than water. We gave him some apple juice on a swab like we had done with the water and he drank it right up. Shortly after, he kept saying “owie”, so it was time for more morphine (he was still getting it every 2 hours). However, the morphine and apple juice did not go together well and he threw it all up. Nurse Stacie came in and gave him a sponge bath, changed his gown and bed sheets, and afterwards George got comfy and watched some TV. But of course he would not let me go lie down, so I sat with him at his bedside. He kept getting fussy and tried to remove his oxygen. The nurse said it was probably tickling his nose. A couple of hours after he threw up the first time, he threw up again. So he got another sponge bath, new bed sheets, and new gown. He also got some medicine to stop the vomiting. He finally fell back to sleep and I was able to get some sleep too.
When morning came around, the doctors decided it was time to remove a few more things. He got his oxygen removed, pacer wires, and the bandage that was covering his incision. The incision looked a lot better than I thought it would. Because the chest tubes are still draining a lot of fluid, they decided to leave those in for another day.

He has held down 4 oz. of apple juice for over an hour and may get to progress to more real foods soon. Respiratory care came by (as they do a couple of times a day) and they are very pleased with his lungs. They’re nice and clear and he never had to go back on the oxygen.

We spent most of the day lounging around watching TV. Aaron and his mom also came and stayed with George while I went home to rejuvenate. The day was mostly uneventful. George was fascinated by the red light on his toe. It reminded me a lot of E.T. George kept lifting his leg up high to check it out.


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