Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yum, Yum!

Another milestone has been achieved! Little George has begun eating solid foods.

We started him on rice cereal on Monday (Aug. 6th). He did so good! When we started Bridget out on solids, she made a huge mess. She kept pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue (she was also a bit younger than George is, in her defense). George on the other hand, ate ALL his food. The little bit that did end up on his cheeks and chin, I wiped up with the spoon and fed it back to him. He loved it! He even tried to feed himself:

We fed him again yesterday, and this time I made it not so runny, and I also made an extra tablespoon of the cereal (Monday he ate 1 Tbsp. and Tuesday he ate 2!). He also gave me the impression that he wanted more after he finished eating yesterday.

This experience reminded me of how much fun it was when Bridget was starting to eat solids. As messy as she was, she was also pretty funny to watch. I can't wait to introduce George to more foods and see his reactions and to watch him learn what to do. It's also neat to see Bridget encourage George and cheer him on.

Here's another one of the little guy that I had to include in the post. It was right before his first bowl of rice cereal.

I wonder how much bigger those squishy cheeks can get!

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