Monday, August 6, 2012

My 27th Birthday!

On August 5th, I turned 1 day older than I was on August 4th. But on August 5th, I got cake to celebrate this milestone. Birthdays do seems a bit silly to me, as an adult. They're fun for kids and maybe fun for really old people, but I'm not too big on celebrating my birthday. In fact, last year I removed my birthday from Facebook just hours before it would be published to all my friends that it was my birthday, just to avoid the hoopla. This year, I tried to get a little more into the celebrations for Bridget's sake. I'm trying to get her excited for her birthday coming up in September. I did get a lot of birthday wishes, which was nice.

My husband was nice enough to snap about 20 pictures of me and the kids, hoping for a good one. This one ended up being good of the kids (Bridget wasn't hiding behind George) but I think I look a bit awkward in it. The humidity from the day made my hair look and feel just icky.

For my birthday, I opted to go to the Olive Garden. I'm really not too big on going out to eat but we had gone there a week or two earlier with Aaron's parents and I enjoyed the dish I got, so I got it again. It's the Seafood Brodetto. It has shrimp, scallops, and tilapia in it along with spinach and mushrooms. I could do without those pieces of bread in it. I've never really liked that tough/chewy type of bread.

George was in a good mood the entire time and just played with his toys in his car seat (he had his dinner before we left the house).

Bridget has been getting into eating salads lately. She prefers salads at home with either French or Catalina dressing, but she did try a little bit of the house dressing at the restaurant. She had spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce for her dinner but it hadn't come out yet when I took the picture.

Because I am unable to eat any of the desserts at the restaurant, we had my birthday dessert waiting at home. Instead of a traditional cake, I wanted this "mud cake". It has layers of chocolate cake pieces, chocolate pudding, and (nonfat) whipped cream. This version for my birthday was very low in cholesterol (but high in sugars, of course).

My birthday celebration ended up being pretty good. However, there were some minor problems. After eating dinner and dessert on Saturday night, my tummy felt a bit funny. I figured I had overeaten and got over it. However, on Sunday afternoon, I finished eating my leftovers from the Olive Garden and got sick not too long after. At first I thought maybe the cake got me sick, but Aaron and Bridget were fine. The only thing I ate differently from them was my Seafood Brodetto. So I've concluded that I got a mild case of food poisoning on my birthday. My dad reminded me that seafood is one of those things that can go bad really fast, and the restaurant probably had it out for a few minutes too long. So I think it'll be a long time before I decide to go out to eat again (due to the food poisoning and also just going out to eat makes me overeat and feel way too stuffed and yucky!)

As far as presents go, hubby ordered me a food processor. It hasn't gotten here yet (I didn't decide until two days before my birthday which one I wanted). So that will get here some time this week. There are a lot of healthy recipes I've been wanting to try that require a food processor (or blender, which I have but almost killed making hummus one day).

So everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a pretty fun weekend (minus the icky part).

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