Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July!

This year we went to New Bern for the Fourth of July to spend it with my husband's parents. When we got to the park, we walked around for a bit and then once it started getting dark, we set up a blanket next to the cars and had some snacks while we waited a few more minutes for the fireworks to start.

Snacking on baked s'mores. I am most definitely making that dessert again!:

My sweet little boy on his first 4th of July holiday. I think his red cheeks would indicate that it was hot outside!!!

I didn't have any cute red, white, and blue outfits for Bridget but I did have this watermelon dress for her. I felt it was appropriate for the holiday since I love having watermelon in July:

Waiting for the fireworks with daddy:

George also waiting, and getting very snuggly:

The fireworks have begun!:

Bridget's face when they first went off:

They were too loud for her. Here's Granddaddy trying to show Bridget to cover her ears so it won't be so loud.

Unfortunately, Bridget couldn't handle the loud noise and was very scared so they went into the car where my husband held her and comforted her. He said she was shaking she was so scared! George did well, though. He was fascinated by the lights and seldom took his eyes off of them. Hopefully we'll have better luck with Bridget next year.

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