Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our 2012 Garden

"The prophet said to plant a garden, so that’s what we’ll do.
For God has given rich brown soil, the rain and sunshine too.
And if we plant the seeds just right and tend them carefully,
Before we know, good things will grow to feed our family."

My husband was the one who got started on the garden this year. I didn't think we'd even have one because of how busy I was with George and with him graduating soon, I figured the only thing I'd be able to grow was weeds. But he finds it very relaxing to go out there and play in the dirt so we went to Lowe's and I picked out some veggie plants I wanted (because he doesn't eat the veggies... just likes to grow them). I ended up with two types of tomatoes, bell peppers, and onions. Those are my three basic veggies that I do the most cooking with, so hopefully they'll turn out.

Bridget also enjoys playing in the garden. You'll have to excuse her dress... she's so tall for her age so many of the dresses she has that are 2T barely cover her bottom so we just keep those as play dresses around the house. She also loves her rubber boots that her grandparents in Hawaii gave her. This is the second pair she's gone through. She grabs them every time she wants to go outside.

Tending the garden once the plants started growing:

The sweet George that I get to hang out with while Bridget and Aaron are outside:

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