Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Two Cute Kids

I thought that being a mother-of-two would be really difficult. Sometimes it is when both children need attention at the exact same time but for the most part, it's pretty easy. While Bridget does go through her pain-in-the-butt moments, she is a HUGE help. Regardless of how she feels about me at any moment, she'll do just about anything for George. She gets burp cloths, finds pacifiers, and lets me know when he is crying (because she doesn't think I can hear it too).

Bridget loves George a lot, and loves it even more when I put him on the floor and she gets to "play" with him. On this particular day, she was tucking in her babies, George included (in the picture he is currently not happy, but most of the time he was).

Bridget loves to be chased. When this picture was taken, my husband called for her to come get in the bath and she ran off. She was by the back door waiting for him to come and get her, so that she could continue running away and squealing. (She really does love bath time too, she was just playing "hard to get" with her daddy.)

A sweet picture of George sleeping in a funny position:

At about 6 weeks of age, George started to smile for me. A few days after he started this I was able to snap some pictures of his attempts. Since then, he has gotten so much better and is now a natural smiler.
Relaxing after his attempts:
Along with his smile, I also love his pinchable cheeks and deep blue eyes.

Bridget's hair, after 2 1/2 years of growth, is finally long enough to put in an itty bitty ponytail. It's rather silly looking so we haven't taken her out of the house with it, but sometimes she likes mommy to put her hair up at home. The ponytail reminded me of Pebbles Flinstone.

Bridget sure does love her babies:

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