Friday, April 13, 2012

First Adventures in Potty-Training

When Bridget was getting close to turning 2, we started getting advice on how and when to potty-train her. She had just figured out what poop even was. But thinking we better start trying, my husband and I bought all of the 'needed' things for this latest adventure. However, Bridget showed little-to-no interest in it. She wanted to play with her little potty, not sit on it. She'd freak out every time I put 'big girl panties' on her, or even a pull-up. She wanted her diaper. So after about a week, I gave up and decided that I will let Bridget decide when SHE is ready to be potty-trained. Rather, I'd let her potty-train herself. The pressure was off and finally in mid-March, she got serious about it. Here she is using her potty for the first time:

It was not the experience we thought it would be. She was so thrilled with herself that she'd keep stopping to look at what she had done. Then, she wanted to see it as it happened. She made quite a mess on the floor. Daddy was a good sport and kept wiping it up, and she thought this was so funny.

After going potty, we felt a bath was needed. While Bridget bathed, my husband was nice enough to get the mop and really clean the bathroom floor!

Since then, she's gone on the potty a few more times (with no mess). She was very excited to let me know when she had to go, so that I could go with her to help her get her diaper off. After much progress, we had a little set back when she was feeling under the weather for a few days, and she has yet to want to sit on the potty again. But that's okay. At least I know she can do it and I'm glad she's taking her own initiative to train herself.

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