Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012 (Part 1)

Bridget and I were able to decorate eggs on Saturday night. Daddy boiled them for us and he relaxed on the couch with George while Bridget and I decorated. On the first egg, I showed her what to do:

She later became a pro:

I feel bad that this is the only picture I got of George in a good mood on his first Easter morning. It was right after I had changed his diaper and he was being so cute:

For anybody that knows me, you know I don't give Bridget very many sweets. Up until recently, I could tell you every piece of candy she has ever had in her life. This Easter morning was a real treat for her because I let her open up and eat an entire chocolate bunny:

She was very excited about it. Here's another photo including her loot from the Easter bunny:

Not all the candy in her basket was for her. Some of it had mommy and daddy's names on it. Along with the candy, Bridget also got a nibble tray and two new books, one of the Easter story as recorded in the Bible and the BoM and another called The Great Plan of Happiness.

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