Friday, February 10, 2012

George's First Bath!

George had his first bath on February 8th, at 9 days old! His cord fell off about 2 days prior but I waited to bathe him so that my husband could be here for the milestone (he is currently in graduate school and working part-time, so he gets very busy sometimes). George was not too fond of his first bath, but neither was Bridget when she had her first bath.

As a side note, Bridget was in the kitchen with us during George's bath, but she was very busy with something else. Earlier in the day, my husband had finished off a container of honey roasted peanuts and had put the empty container on the kitchen counter to be rinsed and put in the recycle bin. However, Bridget got to it and spent George's bath time licking sugar off her fingers after sticking them in the container. The container was spotless.

Back to George, now safe in daddy's arms after his bath:

After George's bath, we put him in his pajamas and laid him on our bed (you'll have to excuse the sheets, or lack of... they were being washed after George spit up on them). He was so peaceful and snuggly. I especially loved his fuzzy hair.

Bridget LOVES her baby brother and gives him kisses at every chance she gets:

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