Saturday, February 25, 2012

February in a Nutshell

As mentioned in my previous post, my parents came to visit us for 3 weeks to help take care of Bridget and the newborn while I got adjusted to life as a mother-of-two. We didn’t do much except hang out here at the house because February is not a month I want to be going all over town with a newborn. My dad did keep Bridget occupied outside on some of the nice almost-70-degree days. He bought her a t-ball set and taught her how to use it. She had lots of fun!

I stayed inside with this little guy:

He makes the funniest faces! Not a day goes by that he doesn't make an expression that makes me laugh. He's a character.

I love these two faces together:

Daddy even got some time in with the little guy between his busy school and work schedule. I love George's relaxed face in this picture. He just had dinner!

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