Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Yum, Yum!

Another milestone has been achieved! Little George has begun eating solid foods.

We started him on rice cereal on Monday (Aug. 6th). He did so good! When we started Bridget out on solids, she made a huge mess. She kept pushing the food out of her mouth with her tongue (she was also a bit younger than George is, in her defense). George on the other hand, ate ALL his food. The little bit that did end up on his cheeks and chin, I wiped up with the spoon and fed it back to him. He loved it! He even tried to feed himself:

We fed him again yesterday, and this time I made it not so runny, and I also made an extra tablespoon of the cereal (Monday he ate 1 Tbsp. and Tuesday he ate 2!). He also gave me the impression that he wanted more after he finished eating yesterday.

This experience reminded me of how much fun it was when Bridget was starting to eat solids. As messy as she was, she was also pretty funny to watch. I can't wait to introduce George to more foods and see his reactions and to watch him learn what to do. It's also neat to see Bridget encourage George and cheer him on.

Here's another one of the little guy that I had to include in the post. It was right before his first bowl of rice cereal.

I wonder how much bigger those squishy cheeks can get!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My 27th Birthday!

On August 5th, I turned 1 day older than I was on August 4th. But on August 5th, I got cake to celebrate this milestone. Birthdays do seems a bit silly to me, as an adult. They're fun for kids and maybe fun for really old people, but I'm not too big on celebrating my birthday. In fact, last year I removed my birthday from Facebook just hours before it would be published to all my friends that it was my birthday, just to avoid the hoopla. This year, I tried to get a little more into the celebrations for Bridget's sake. I'm trying to get her excited for her birthday coming up in September. I did get a lot of birthday wishes, which was nice.

My husband was nice enough to snap about 20 pictures of me and the kids, hoping for a good one. This one ended up being good of the kids (Bridget wasn't hiding behind George) but I think I look a bit awkward in it. The humidity from the day made my hair look and feel just icky.

For my birthday, I opted to go to the Olive Garden. I'm really not too big on going out to eat but we had gone there a week or two earlier with Aaron's parents and I enjoyed the dish I got, so I got it again. It's the Seafood Brodetto. It has shrimp, scallops, and tilapia in it along with spinach and mushrooms. I could do without those pieces of bread in it. I've never really liked that tough/chewy type of bread.

George was in a good mood the entire time and just played with his toys in his car seat (he had his dinner before we left the house).

Bridget has been getting into eating salads lately. She prefers salads at home with either French or Catalina dressing, but she did try a little bit of the house dressing at the restaurant. She had spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce for her dinner but it hadn't come out yet when I took the picture.

Because I am unable to eat any of the desserts at the restaurant, we had my birthday dessert waiting at home. Instead of a traditional cake, I wanted this "mud cake". It has layers of chocolate cake pieces, chocolate pudding, and (nonfat) whipped cream. This version for my birthday was very low in cholesterol (but high in sugars, of course).

My birthday celebration ended up being pretty good. However, there were some minor problems. After eating dinner and dessert on Saturday night, my tummy felt a bit funny. I figured I had overeaten and got over it. However, on Sunday afternoon, I finished eating my leftovers from the Olive Garden and got sick not too long after. At first I thought maybe the cake got me sick, but Aaron and Bridget were fine. The only thing I ate differently from them was my Seafood Brodetto. So I've concluded that I got a mild case of food poisoning on my birthday. My dad reminded me that seafood is one of those things that can go bad really fast, and the restaurant probably had it out for a few minutes too long. So I think it'll be a long time before I decide to go out to eat again (due to the food poisoning and also just going out to eat makes me overeat and feel way too stuffed and yucky!)

As far as presents go, hubby ordered me a food processor. It hasn't gotten here yet (I didn't decide until two days before my birthday which one I wanted). So that will get here some time this week. There are a lot of healthy recipes I've been wanting to try that require a food processor (or blender, which I have but almost killed making hummus one day).

So everyone, thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a pretty fun weekend (minus the icky part).

Monday, July 30, 2012

George is 6 Months Old!

Can you believe this little guy is already 6 months old?

He's come such a long way in just 6 months. He came into the world completely helpless and now he's a jumping, smiling, giggling, playful little baby boy. His official 6 month milestone was on a Sunday, so I was able to snap a picture of him with his big sister before church.

We also can't leave Bridget completely out of this post, since she is the proud big sister and all. Here she is posing in one of the dresses her Granny in Hawaii made for her. There is a matching skirt for mommy in the making.

Now back to George. Here he was later that evening. He starts off on a blanket in the middle of the living room floor but very seldom ever stays on it. A minute later, you can find him all the way over by the couch. He's not crawling yet; he rolls from front to back and is able to rotate his body in whichever direction he wants to go. This method is definitely taking him places and keeps me on my toes. There have been a few split seconds in which I have "lost" him (meaning, he wasn't any where near where I left him!).

George and Bridget play very well together, most of the time. Here is Bridget reading George a story (you might be able to also notice the French braid in Bridget's hair. It is finally growing long enough for me to start making it pretty. It's not the neatest braid because her hair is still too short in some places and she wiggles like a typical 2-year-old).

After George heard the camera go off, he rolled onto his back. He's got the chubbiest legs and cutest knee wrinkles.

Also after taking pictures, Bridget loves to run to me and see the picture I just took, then wants me to take more, and she wants to see each one. Here's one of her with a cute yet cheesy smile.

Back to George again. His 6-month measurements are: 19 lbs. 14 oz. and 27 inches long. He's my big boy! But what can you expect when he has a 6'2" daddy. Here's the big boy next to his daddy for size comparison. One day George is going to be just as big, and just as handsome, if not more so.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July!

This year we went to New Bern for the Fourth of July to spend it with my husband's parents. When we got to the park, we walked around for a bit and then once it started getting dark, we set up a blanket next to the cars and had some snacks while we waited a few more minutes for the fireworks to start.

Snacking on baked s'mores. I am most definitely making that dessert again!:

My sweet little boy on his first 4th of July holiday. I think his red cheeks would indicate that it was hot outside!!!

I didn't have any cute red, white, and blue outfits for Bridget but I did have this watermelon dress for her. I felt it was appropriate for the holiday since I love having watermelon in July:

Waiting for the fireworks with daddy:

George also waiting, and getting very snuggly:

The fireworks have begun!:

Bridget's face when they first went off:

They were too loud for her. Here's Granddaddy trying to show Bridget to cover her ears so it won't be so loud.

Unfortunately, Bridget couldn't handle the loud noise and was very scared so they went into the car where my husband held her and comforted her. He said she was shaking she was so scared! George did well, though. He was fascinated by the lights and seldom took his eyes off of them. Hopefully we'll have better luck with Bridget next year.

Friday, June 22, 2012

June Happenings

June started off with daddy taking Bridget outside to wash the cars! She didn't do too much of the washing but it was a great excuse to put on a swim suit and play in the water.

In June, daddy also finished the landscaping in the backyard.

Bridget and daddy also have a nice garden going. Here is Bridget posing with her strawberries. They are also growing cucumber, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes.

In mid-June, Bridget got a surprise box from her Grammy in Hawaii. In it were a couple hand-made outfits and a princess tutu! Bridget had been wanting a tutu for awhile because she loves to dance around the house and be pretty while she's doing it.

We also got to pick blueberries in Bridgeton with Grandma and Granddaddy! We picked 6 pounds! Here's Bridget with just one bucket that she picked and carried around the whole time.

And what has George been up to? Being absolutely adorable. He does the typical baby stuff like roll, play, sleep, eat, and poop. Here he is in his crib while I was folding clothes one day.

Bridget and George love each other so much. They get along very well and George's face just lights up when he see's his sister. Here they are playing peek-a-boo through the crib. It's a back-and-forth giggle party when they do this!

George is also a sweetie-pie with his daddy. Favorite thing to do with daddy? Nap! It takes me a very long time to get George to sleep by walking around with him, but my husband can get George to sleep in a couple of minutes!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

George is 4 Months Old!

About the time George turned 4 months old, we started to notice that he was becoming a big boy. His cheeks got fuller, his legs got nice and chubby, and he had some adorable belly rolls. See?

But it's not all fat. The little guy is so good at lifting himself up on his arms and rolls very nicely from his back to his tummy. He's been able to hold his head up for awhile now.

He makes funny faces, too.

Daddy time!

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Husband's Graduation

My husband finally graduated with his master's degree in accounting at the beginning of this month. It has been a long 2.5 years, from the time he took his GMAT to starting the masters degree program, and finally graduating. We attended both graduations. On Friday, we attended the university graduation at the football stadium. The doctorate students, masters degree students, and the teachers all sat on the field and wore black gowns. The undergraduate students sat in the stadium seats and they all wore purple gowns.

While the temperature wasn't too hot, the sun was still shining very bright. Granddaddy did a good job keeping the sun off of George's head. I felt so bad about forgetting to bring his hat! Grandma kept Bridget entertained.

Daddy and the babies outside the stadium:

The next day, we attended the graduation for the College of Business. My husband sat on the second row in the section closest to us. We had a pretty good view of him the whole time.

Bridget kept busy with a bag of banana chips:

We took just a few family pictures outside after the graduation because we wanted to beat the traffic out of there. I wish more would have turned out, but the best I could get is the one at the top of this post, and we're still not all looking at the camera!

Friday, April 13, 2012

First Adventures in Potty-Training

When Bridget was getting close to turning 2, we started getting advice on how and when to potty-train her. She had just figured out what poop even was. But thinking we better start trying, my husband and I bought all of the 'needed' things for this latest adventure. However, Bridget showed little-to-no interest in it. She wanted to play with her little potty, not sit on it. She'd freak out every time I put 'big girl panties' on her, or even a pull-up. She wanted her diaper. So after about a week, I gave up and decided that I will let Bridget decide when SHE is ready to be potty-trained. Rather, I'd let her potty-train herself. The pressure was off and finally in mid-March, she got serious about it. Here she is using her potty for the first time:

It was not the experience we thought it would be. She was so thrilled with herself that she'd keep stopping to look at what she had done. Then, she wanted to see it as it happened. She made quite a mess on the floor. Daddy was a good sport and kept wiping it up, and she thought this was so funny.

After going potty, we felt a bath was needed. While Bridget bathed, my husband was nice enough to get the mop and really clean the bathroom floor!

Since then, she's gone on the potty a few more times (with no mess). She was very excited to let me know when she had to go, so that I could go with her to help her get her diaper off. After much progress, we had a little set back when she was feeling under the weather for a few days, and she has yet to want to sit on the potty again. But that's okay. At least I know she can do it and I'm glad she's taking her own initiative to train herself.
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