Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part 4)

Christmas Day finally arrived (a little sooner than I realized). Here is a shot of what Santa left her before she was able to see it:

On Christmas morning, we took a slight detour from our usual route to the kitchen and showed her the new toys in the living room. I put her down and she immediately went over to the doll house. She's been doing a lot of imaginative play with her other dolls so Santa knew she was ready for a doll house. She played with it all morning.

When Daddy put her breakfast on the table, she grabbed it and brought it into the living room next to her doll house.

Before getting her ready for church, she noticed another new toy Santa had brought:

She was not very happy about being taken away from her toys to get ready for church. But we had to do what we had to do. After we left the house, she had already forgotten what she was leaving behind. Church was lovely... good talks, good music. Bridget loves music so much so she enjoyed herself quite a bit.

After coming home, we Skyped with my parents so that they could see her open some of her presents. She really got into opening the presents this year.

After we got off the computer with them, she went back to playing:

She stayed in her Christmas dress all day and didn't even take a nap. Normally that would be a bad thing but she wasn't cranky at all. Just very busy. We all had a very enjoyable Christmas. I loved not having to spend any time in the kitchen except heating up the leftover ham from Christmas Eve. I think I will be doing the same thing again next year.

A day or two after Christmas, my husband wanted to get a picture of all of Bridget's new toys so that we remember what she got this year.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part 3)

We had a really fun time on Christmas Eve as a family. I decided this year to try a Christmas Eve dinner rather than a Christmas Day one so that I could spend Christmas Day playing with Bridget and her new toys rather than hanging out in the kitchen. It was just the three of us this year so we kept it pretty simple. We had ham, gravy, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, corn, and rolls. Dinner started off rough because Bridget wanted to throw a tantrum (after the picture was taken). But after we said the prayer and I put her in my lap, she did very well for the rest of the evening.

After dinner, we cleaned up and got ready to make cookies for Santa. We decided to keep it simple and just make chocolate chip cookies. Bridget is turning into a good little helper by helping add the ingredients after I measure them out. I just sat her on the counter and Daddy stood nearby to make sure she didn't fall. Here are a couple of shots before we got started after I got our aprons on. It was one of the very few times (or maybe the first time) that Daddy saw her and said "I just have to get a picture of that!". He was snapping pictures like a maniac.

After getting all the ingredients put together, I of course let Bridget enjoy the best part. Training a two year old tongue to thoroughly lick off all of the cookie dough from the mixer attachment is hard work, so we ended up just giving her a spoonful (or two) or the cookie dough to enjoy after we put her on the ground (and also to keep her from grabbing the cookie dough off the baking sheets).

A picture with Santa! I mean, daddy. :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part 2)

On the Friday before Christmas (Christmas Eve Eve), my husband's parents were both off from work so we went down to New Bern to visit with them since we would not be seeing them on Christmas. My husband wanted to order in so that more time would be spent with his parents and less time at a restaurant. He loves pizza so his parents picked up a couple of pizzas for lunch and made a fresh salad. After lunch, we decorated gingerbread houses! (A few days earlier, I had made gingerbread houses for my Activity Day girls (ages 8-11) at church and he got a bit jealous and wanted to decorate gingerbread houses too.) I made 3 more gingerbread houses so that we could decorate them with his parents on our visit. It was a lot of fun and Bridget even got into the decorating (after she did a little bit of eating).

Here we are getting started:

Wow, she's so talented with that icing!:

A mouthful of candy and 'hogging' all the yellow icing:

This was the first time she had tried most of these candies, since I'm so strict on her candy intake. It's all for her benefit, but since it's Christmas, I let it slide... a lot.

Next was present time. Grandma and Granddaddy bought a couple of gifts and Bridget got to open them a few days before Christmas. I didn't get pictures of everything, but here are a couple of the first gift she opened (a pretend vacuum cleaner):

After a little bit of play time, it was time for us to be heading back home. But not until getting a picture of Bridget with her Sparrow grandparents:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 (Part 1)

We've had so much going on this past month and I'm behind on blogging, so to save myself from having to come up with titles for each post, we'll just call it "Christmas" and divide it into parts, since they're all Christmas related posts anyway. Welcome to Part 1.

This year I decided to go the inexpensive route and take my own Christmas pictures. Considering she was ALL OVER THE PLACE, I think they turned out quite well. I first started at our house in the living room, seeing if she'd hold still in front of the Christmas tree, but that never happened. She was too busy playing with stuffed reindeer by the fireplace. I did happen to get this shot, which just so happens to be one of my favorites because of that sweet smile and cute cheeks:

It had to be cropped, because she was holding her dress up showing off her tummy and diaper. I still posted the edited version to save her from being humiliated 15 years from now.

After my husband got home from school, I asked him where we should go to take some pictures outside. He suggested a park by the university so that's where we went! Here's my latest pregnancy shot:

I was about 31 or 32 weeks along. I'm now at 35 weeks.

My favorite shots were of Daddy and Bridget together. She LOVES her daddy so much and he loves her right back. I love seeing them interact together and the sweet way she looks at him.

Kisses for daddy:

Even though Daddy is not in this picture, it doesn't take a genius to figure out who she's smiling at:

One of the few pictures of Bridget and I:

I spend more of my time behind the camera.

A couple of Sundays ago, Bridget had a Christmas party at church with the nursery (kids ages 18 months-3 years). She loves her nursery leaders:

I don't know what they did in the first hour of nursery because I had to teach my Sunday School class, but I went in the nursery for the second half where they decorated cookies. I'm glad I brought my camera to church that day because I got some pretty good shots. I love her eyes in this one:

And she's just too darn cute in this one too:

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Nutcracker Ballet

On December 10th, we took Bridget to see The Nutcracker Ballet. We were all really excited... neither my husband nor myself had ever been. It was a bit pricey but well worth it! We got Bridget all dressed up in her Christmas attire and headed out to see the 2 p.m. performance. She was all smiles and giggles the whole way there.

Our seats were actually pretty decent. This was the view we had of the stage:

Bridget and daddy waiting for the show to start:

Trying to get a good picture of Bridget with the stage as the background but the lighting just wasn't working for us:

I wish I could have gotten more pictures but my husband and I both follow rules and did not take pictures or record the performance, unlike the woman sitting next to me.

All of the dancers did a really good job and we were all very entertained. The music provided by a live orchestra was also very lovely. I was surprised that Bridget made it through most of the performance because she's usually napping at by 2. She lasted until about 3:30! She clapped, smiled, and even moved her arms around as if she were dancing, before finally passing out in Daddy's arms. During intermission, Bridget and I went downstairs and bought her a small nutcracker Christmas tree ornament to remember the day (I wrote her name and the date on it after we got home). I definitely want to make this an annual tradition. I think she'll enjoy it even more next year.
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