Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our First Football Game

On Saturday, we were able to attend the last ECU home game of the season at our very own Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. They played against the UCF Knights (my husband, however, thinks the mascot resembled more of a Darth Vader). What made this game extra special was that it was the first game for both Bridget and myself (lived here 7 years and had never been). But earlier in the week when my husband found out that student guest tickets were only $5, he snatched them up. That way if the weather was too cold/windy/rainy, our pockets wouldn't hurt by deciding not to go.

I'll first start with a family picture, even though it was technically the last picture taken that night:

Bridget did not want me in the picture. When she is with her daddy, nobody else is allowed to touch or get near him. He belongs to her. Lucky for me, the picture got snapped before she attempted to push me away again.

See how much she enjoys being in daddy's arms?:

Here's the ECU marching band coming out before the game got started:

Bridget is a lover of music, and she actually has good rhythm for a 2 year old. She didn't get it from me. But here she is, clapping right along with any music that was played. She kept looking at Daddy and I to see if we were also clapping, and if we weren't, she'd grab our hands and make them clap. She was full of Pirate spirit.

She did so well, considering the game started at 7 p.m. and didn't get over until after 10:30! She caught on to a lot of the hand gestures the other students made (with the exception of 'the bird', which was made a few times at the other team but I tried not to let her see). After much effort, she was able to make her very own pirate hook, and sounded so cute when she said "aarrgghhh!" (with coaching from daddy, of course).

One last picture of the field right before the game was to get started:

ECU won, 38-31.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Pictures 2011

Last weekend we took a drive into the country to hopefully take some pictures of Bridget in a cotton field. I had neglected to take some 2-year pictures of her all dressed up and I figured it hasn't been too long since her birthday. However, the timing wasn't the greatest. First of all, I needed Aaron with me. Secondly, we were on a time crunch... the farmers were in the process of harvesting the cotton (fields just 1/2 a mile up the road had already been harvested). Thirdly, Bridget needed to be in a good mood, and finally, it couldn't be too cold outside. This particular Saturday was chilly in the morning. So we waiting until after her nap. We didn't get out there until 4 p.m. and the sun was shining at the worst angle. So I was unable to get any awesome shots of her like I did for her first birthday pictures. And if only the girl would stop talking for once and look at the camera!

After taking pictures in the cotton field, we drove out to the university to get tickets for The Nutcracker! After getting the tickets, we walked around the campus for a bit and Bridget discovered the many squirrels that call the university their home. Here she is saying hello to one by the tree:

I thought these particular trees were pretty and at Bridget height so I tried again at taking more pictures. Again, the girl is talking up a storm. In order to keep her by the trees, I made her believe that a squirrel was in the bushes. So the entire time she was saying, "whea he go?". Just my luck!

I just hope she'll be a little easier on me when I take her Christmas pictures. I'd hate to have to pay someone else to do it!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Autumn Hike and Leaf Collage

Not too much big things have happened this month so far, so here are some random pictures I've taken of the little things we've done. Earlier in the month, my husband and Bridget tagged along to an Activity Days nature hike. In our church, Activity Days is a night of fun/learning for girls ages 8-11. However, because our hike is not a good evening activity, it took place on a Saturday morning. Myself and the other leader took the girls on a trail through the woods where they picked up some Fall foliage to make a collage. I picked up a few things myself in case the girls could not find anything that they liked. However, they did a wonderful job so I let Bridget make a collage for herself with the leaves I had collected. She put one leaf on the paper with the glue, and then removed it, replaced it, removed it again, etc., so I ended up finishing the collage. It was a team effort. It was a very chilly and windy Saturday, hence the snow bunny attire for Bridget:

Some time after Halloween, Bridget discovered the stickers that Grandma and Granddaddy had given her with her Halloween bucket. Instead of decorating the bucket, she decorated daddy. Bridget got a big kick out putting big scary eyeball stickers over Daddy's eyes. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of her face with her giggle smile.

Here we have my two sweeties taking a nap together:

She's so cute when she's asleep. I think all mom's love how their children look when they sleep. She's getting so big though, I don't know for how much longer she and Daddy will be napping this way.
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