Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 2011 Stake Conference

Today was our semi-annual stake conference for our church so this morning, we headed down to New Bern to the convention center where it is held (all of the members of the stake no longer fit in the stake center). It was an extra special day because it was the 50 year anniversary celebration of the Kinston North Carolina Stake. Meaning, it was formed 50 years ago. All of the members that were a part of the stake at the time of it's organization were given a commemorative pin. My father-in-law was one of them... he was about 10 years old. So that was pretty cool.

Bridget did really well for the 2 hours of the conference (she usually does very well in church but sacrament meeting is only an hour so a two hour stretch is a big accomplishment for a two year old). Absolutely no loud outbursts (other than when I went out to change her diaper... but I'm going to let her slide on that dramatic occurrence)... the only time I ever had to 'shush' her during the conference was when she started talking (quietly) with her baby doll. She spent most of the time sipping on her water and coloring.

After the conference, the entire stake was invited to stick around for a picnic in the park across the street. The picnic part was prearranged, of course, so that everyone came prepared with blankets and picnic food. Some members of our ward have always stuck around after stake conference in the past and ate lunch and I've told my husband that I'd love to do that some time. So today was a great day to finally do it. It was so enjoyable (even though it was a bit chilly) to just relax and sit on a blanket on the grass and enjoy a simple lunch. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was lovely. My husband also enjoyed himself (and Bridget did too) so I told him that we should definitely do this again, so I think it'll be our new tradition! The timing also couldn't have worked out better for Bridget's nap... we ate lunch then got in the car for the hour long drive, which she slept through right at her usual nap time. Normal nap time=a happy Bridget.

Bridget's hair is finally long enough to hold in a bow! Here she is chugging down her favorite V-8 Fusion:

Another shot of her hair:

The stake provided lemonade and cupcakes/cake for all those who stuck around for the picnic. So that is where Bridget's cupcake came from. She worked on it for awhile.

We can't forget that Daddy was also there:

I love relaxing Sundays.

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