Monday, September 29, 2008

Reality of Losing My Grandparents

Now that summer is over, things are really starting to die down at work. The economy might also have a little something to do with it, but not much… there are still a ton of people spending a lot of money. I just finished my weekend of working in the cash office and am so happy to be off today.

I suppose this last week I was extra tired because of some things going on with my family in Hawaii. My grandparents passed away (they were the reason why I went back to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago). I think every one has been feeling a little bit of relief, since we know they’re together and no longer suffering, but just the thought that I’m now grandparents-less has made me realize that I’m getting older and life is always changing. Years ago, I couldn’t possibly imagine what life would be like without grandparents, but now I’ve come to face that reality. One day I know I’ll have to face the same reality of losing my own parents. Hopefully that won’t be any time soon.

One thing I am excited about is being able to do their temple work. My grandfather was huge into genealogy but was never a member of the church, but he often went to the Family History Center. One of the times he was there, he submitted all of my dad’s family to have their work done. He understood why it was done and figured there wasn’t any harm in it. So I’m pretty caught up on that side. I can’t wait for a year to be up and I can reunite my grandparents with their parents, and family, etc.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Working Around the House

I know it’s been a while since I last posted, but I’ve been really busy. At the beginning of this month, I headed home to Hawaii by myself for somewhat of a family emergency. My husband had to work, and it was the longest we’ve ever been apart, so it was a little bit of a trial. Luckily, we were able to talk on the phone every day. I’ve been home now since Friday and am still fighting jet lag.

While I was away, my husband started working on the hard wood floor in our living room and dining room, and he just finished yesterday! Today we’ll be putting down quarter round and some other last touches before moving our new living room furniture in. We also bought some area rugs for both the living room and dining room. I had originally wanted them to be the same pattern/print, but we ended up picking 2 different ones so hopefully they’ll work well since the rooms will somewhat be divided by the sofa.

I can’t tell you how ready I am to have our house looking back to normal again. Our front bedroom has been serving as our living room, with the TV and the old sofa in it. It’s been a little cramped but we’ve managed. The computer room is also piled with junk from when we cleared out the rooms to begin ripping up the old carpet. The only part of the floor that is visible in the computer room is a pathway from the door to my desk. Oh, and a little pathway from the door to Misty's litter box.

I wish I could say that we're completely done but we still need to buy a new TV stand and a new TV (my husband's anniversary/birthday/Christmas present to himself).

Well, that’s all for today’s update. Time to get back to working around the house on my day off.
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